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Through the Crash Course educational web series the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green, have created an expansive and still expanding video resource for learning a diversity of subjects. The video series can practically provide a student a high school and beyond education in a variety of topics. The courses use animation, scripting, and professional production quality to produce accessibly, interesting lessons. The purpose of the series according to the Crash Course Patreon about page is to “…create free, high-quality educational videos used by teachers and learners of all kinds. That’s all we want to do. After 200,000,000 views, it turns out people like this. And our videos aren’t just for schools; the majority of our viewers, around 60% – 70%, watch Crash Course without being currently enrolled in an associated class.”

John Green on the CC Set

John Green in the teacher’s seat

== The Courseload ==

World History 1 (42 videos) | World History 2 (30 videos)

The World History courses cover human history starting at the Agricultural Revolution, covering the major empires, periods of thought, and histories of religion, before coming into the 20th and 21st centuries with the World Wars and modern democratic movements.

Biology (40 videos)

The Biology course teaches the viewer about life with courses on the building block of biology, such as cell biology, water and carbon; biological processes such as natural selection and mitosis; and the basics of complex life such as the body, plantlife, and fungus.

Ecology (40 videos)

The Ecology course starts with The History of Life on Earth and Population Ecology and moves onto understanding the different systems that allow for life on earth, and human impacts on life on those systems.

Literature 1 & 2 (24 videos) | Literature 3 (10 videos)

The Literature courses covers classic books, plays, and poetry such as Huckleberry Finn, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and famous sonnets by William Shakespeare, and the Odyssey, along with more modern works like 100 Years of Solitude and Slaughterhouse-Five.

US History (48 videos)

This course follows America through its unending wars; booming and busting economy; developing and changing political policies and theories; and its dissonant histories of revolution, violent imperialism, and slavery.

Chemistry (46 videos)

This course builds from the nucleus and the periodic table to the math and theory of equilibrium, pH, nuclear chemistry, and polymers. Hank Green, an educated scientist, brings his expertise to this complex subject.

Psychology (40 videos)

The Psychology course covers mental health issues, research, theory and competing theories, and the hardware of the subject in ‘Meet Your Master: Getting To Know Your Brain’.

Big History (10 videos)

Big History takes the long view on history. It covers the Big Bang theory, explores the universe, looks at the development of human life and the development of culture, and ends by providing perspectives on the future.

Anatomy & Physiology (47 videos)

These courses take you from your head, to your shoulders, to your knees, to your toes and how your body can physically perform that dance. It takes apart how the body works and what it consists of.

Astronomy (47 videos)

This is an overview of the field of Astronomy. It covers what the leading scientists know and what they’re researching. It shows you the planets in our solar system, the mindboggling size of the observed universe, the theory that allows scientists to predict dark matter, and human understandings of time.

US Government & Politics (50 videos)

Watch these videos to learn the theory, founding documents, and practice of the American political system. It covers it all the bicameral legislative system, the electoral college, Tthe Supreme Court, special interests, monetary and fiscal politics. Learn how they tell you it works so that you can understand why it doesn’t.

Intellectual Property (7 videos)

Learn about Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, and International IP Law. This course is a great way to gain perspective on the effects that the now-leaked Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (totally biased link) will have.

Economics (35 videos)

This course offers a broad understanding of economics from a very traditional perspective. It’s useful for anybody who wants to know why our society takes economics so seriously as a pseudo-science and it introduces you to a lot of the theories and models that are buzzwords in the news today. They don’t spend too much time questioning the foundations of economics and how they’ve allowed us to destroy ecosystems guilt-free, and one of the teachers seems to want to high-five Ben Bernanke and Milton Friedman.

Physics (27 videos)

Follow this course to learn the laws, theories, and equations that govern the world and how everything within it physically interacts. The professor and team use demonstration and animation to explain the densely interesting science and help the student understand electricity, movement, thermodynamics, energy, and gravity among the many topics covered in the 27 episode course.

Games (24 videos)

This course briefly covers the history of gaming through sports, board games, card games, console games, and potential for the future of gaming.

As the series expands, their resources grow, and time continues to move the Crash Course team will continue to develop and update their series with higher tech equipment, more knowledge, and new perspectives. A computer science course is being made, which complements the contemporary move toward computerizing everything and paying people with computer science degrees skills high salaries. Currently, with their animations, the courses are geared toward an adolescent crowd up. They are, however, working on Crash Course Kids for a younger audience.

Pick up this tool to start learning for free today. Share it with your friends and children to help save people from ignorance of their abilities and interests. And if you have the resources, become a patron of the YouTube channel at

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