Welcome to The Barricades: where revolutionary ideas, models, and actions lead the news.

This community connects with the vanguard of movements for social change internationally and promote their ideas and activities. The plan is to point the way to a bright, consciously just, and sustainable future for society, not to attack the problems and obstacles of the time. Readers will be connected with opportunities to learn about and advocate for social change pioneers in their own networks, and to share their ideas and plans with other members of the community.

Check us out to learn about new ideas and movements revolutionizing society, where revolutionary struggles are currently being fought, where they have been fought, and to find your place on today’s barricades. A revolutionary topic, according to The Barricades, is anything from Thomas Piketty’s “return on capital is greater than growth in national income” (r > g) equation, to a 3D printer for houses, to the movement to get the influence of dark money out of politics with nonviolent direct action. These topics will be presented through multimedia stories produced by me and other journalists. My issues of choice are political reform, addressing climate change, and human rights but my preferences won’t guide the content, new developments will.

The Barricades will become a collaborative effort so don’t hesitate to contact me with information about revolutionary activities in your world and ideas for stories. I’m excited to undertake this mission and I look forward to hearing from you.

In hope of a shared path to justice and the fulfilled promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all,



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