A Science-, Celebrity-, And Organizer-Driven Solution To The Climate Crisis

The transition to 100% renewable energy is a radical proposition but it’s also an important step in the move to make industrial society capable of functioning on the planet until the sun burns out. I like to think about the move toward energy that doesn’t scar the land and choke the atmosphere in line with the comment that the stone-age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.

Wood, then coal, then oil gradually improved our technology and helped humanity leave the planet, visit our moon, and explore the solar system. Then we worked out that the greenhouse gases we were releasing into the atmosphere were causing the atmosphere to trap more solar rays and heat up. Unfortunately, by that point certain industrialists had large amounts of wealth wrapped-up in projects that benefitted from fossil fuels and so they put massive amounts of resources into climate change denial. The time has come to move past those industrialists interests and take down the fossil fuel industries.

A plan for the transition was created by Stanford University Civil and Environmental Engineering professor Mark Jacobson (shown in the heading photo). The Solutions Project is a collaboration between celebrities, philanthropists, organizers, scientists, and engineers with the stated goal of “accelerating the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy”. The organization has tailored recommendations for which energy sources should produce energy for every US state and the international community. Each prescription is presented with percentages underneath an illustration representing a source of energy. The prescription for Texas is 50% onshore wind energy. Louisiana calls for 60% offshore wind energy. Volcano-rich Hawaii calls for 30% geothermal energy. And Florida, the Sunshine State, is prescribed for 50% of its energy from solar panel farms.

The illustrated key (shown above) covers solar panels on buildings, and solar panel farms; wave devices, hydroelectric power, and tidal turbines; geothermal energy; and onshore and offshore wind turbines. The prescriptions are economically viable, despite the protests of the fossil fuel industry. Wind and solar companies have been able to beat the cost of fossil fuel industries since 2013 (1, 2, 3), and the costs are still dropping. Record numbers of renewable energy projects are being undertaken (4), unsurprisingly considering the reduced prices. And the renewable energy sector is employing millions of Americans (5). According to this Bloomberg article the number of jobs in solar outpaced the number of jobs in oil and natural gas extraction in 2015.

There is a lot of work to be done and thanks to decades of Exxon’s climate denial, the eventual goal seems slightly insurmountable. But there is a plan, thanks to Mark Ruffalo, Josh Fox, and Professor Mark Jacobson. There are people working on the plan thanks to the community surrounding The Solutions Project and the millions of organizers and entrepreneurs working toward a clean energy future.

The Solutions Project accelerates the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes. To achieve this mission, we engage the public, celebrate and convene leaders, and advance partnerships and policies that make strides on the road to 100%. We implement this integrated model at the state level. To maintain our national reach, we develop inspired content, amplify stories and media, and create opportunities to celebrate and activate leadership across the country.

Sign up, donate, and volunteer to help push the renewable energy revolution. The Solutions Project’s game plan is to enact their plans in the 50 States and a large percentage of the world’s nations. To get their plans enacted they need to build an international network of volunteers to organize their communities and they will spread stories in the media in order to spread their possibly species-saving plan.

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