A Contract Of Good Conduct For The Megarich

I {The Undersigned Plutocrat} sign this contract as a commitment to {Humanity}, and to facilitate the creation of an equitable, just, and joyous international community. This commitment releases my wealth to help fund the institutions, services, and projects that will allow all people to live a life of reasonable comfort and to reach their full potential. This contract recognizes that popular dissatisfaction regarding the international distribution of wealth will lead to social insecurity and popular uprisings which will harm the interests of all humans.

WHEREAS the current trends of growing wealth and income inequality are immoral and outrageous.

WHEREAS billions of people still live in conditions of poverty in which they are not able to obtain sufficient nutrition, hydration, education, or medical care to live and develop to their full potentials.

WHEREAS anthropogenic climate change is responsible for irregular weather patterns and increased average temperatures which will impact life on Earth for all forms of life.

WHEREAS the occurrence and strength of natural disasters is increasing and threatening to create masses of refugees, and that the changes in the climate are the primary cause of these natural disasters.

WHEREAS the wealth of industrial capitalism was built on resources that were redirected to the economies that we now refer to as ‘developed’ from economies that we now refer to as ‘developing’ or ‘lesser-developed’, and that this redirection of wealth internationally was facilitated by empire, then colonialism, and imperialism, and now neoliberalism.

WHEREAS all people have the inalienable right to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.

WHEREAS {The Undersigned Plutocrat} holds x,xxx,xxx,xxx$ as personal wealth. This equals x% of international wealth and xx% of the wealth of the nation(s) to which {The Undersigned Plutocrat} is a citizen. The average citizen of {The Undersigned Plutocrat’s Nation}’s personal wealth is x$.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the wealth of {The Undersigned Putocrat}’s estate will be redirected toward the common good of all humanity. {The Undersigned Putocrat} will move the money from every bank account and financial tool open in their name into the account of {The People International Inc.} where it will be available for the creation and delivery of the institutions, services, and projects planned by {The People International Inc.}.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the physical needs of the signer’s family and themselves will be met to the same level to which the needs of every individual within the international community are met. Their estates will be repurposed for the needs of the new international state. They may be used for any need that {The Revolution International Inc.} deems important including as property for housing, education, farming, medical, commercial, manufacturing, and institutional projects.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that, as a signer of this contract, {The Undersigned Plutocrat} is not entitled to any legal redress for their loss of property or status. If the stipulations of this contract are breached, {The Undersigned Plutocrat} and any parties found guilty as an accessory to the grievance will be tried by a {The Revolution International Inc.} court and beheaded by guillotine.


____________________________(Plutocrat McPlutocraty)


(Feature photo credit: The last public execution by guillotine. Paris, 1939)

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